Insurance for Trampoline Parks

Operating a trampoline park without insurance is risky business. Without the right insurance in place, you could find yourself facing a hefty bill if something goes wrong, or in the worst case and unthinkable scenario of facing closure. The risks of running such a facility mean that you need quality cover as a safety net to protect you against unexpected events. That’s where we come in.

We understand the pressure of running your own business can be time consuming. We’ve taken the hassle out of arranging your business insurance for trampoline parks. If you know what you want and don't need advice it's simple for you to compare insurance cover in a matter of minutes. However, should you need it, we'll give you all the advice and support you need over the phone so call us today to discuss your insurance requirements and obtain a bespoke insurance quotation.

If you employ staff it is a legal requirement that you have Employers’ Liability Insurance. Although this is one of the few insurance covers that you legally must have, there are numerous other risks which you should consider. Whenever there is a business where members of the public visit your premises Public Liability is important and provides indemnity against the costs associated with slips, trips and personal injury.  

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