Public Liability insurance

Most businesses come into contact with members of the public. If a person is injured due to the activities of your business you may be liable to pay compensation. It is therefore important that as a business owner you arrange Public Liability insurance to protect your assets against such claims.

At Quote123 we understand that every business is different and the needs for public liability insurance must be tailored to its specific requirements. Taking out a comprehensive business insurance policy which includes public liability ensures that your business will not lose out financially in the event of an accident.

A plumber was working within a block of flats but failed to shut down the water properly. The error caused water damage to the property and the plumber was held liable.

Member of the public tripped in the bathroom of a restaurant due to the floor being wet. It was established that the restaurant owner was legally liable to pay compensation to the injured party for the injuries sustained in the slip.

Its very simple to purchase your public liability insurance with Quote 123:- 

  • Choose your ideal level of cover
  • Add on additional covers you require
  • Compare a range of quotations
  • Flexible payment terms

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